About NXRB

Book Reviews from the Big Crabapple that is NX, London.

This is a haphazard collection of reviews old and new. Of course we are not competing with any of the other fine book review rags out there from other towns like New York or London, it’s just that…

We will accept contributions where they are by our friends and comrades, where they are really good and so long as they are approved by the unbiased (non parliamentary, ultra-leftist, no touching faith in reformism or the State) editors. We reserve the right to reject (and hunt down, huff and puff, and burn your house etc.) any sexist, racist or pro-capitalist comments or contributions. You know the drill.

We are for reading, for reading in context, for making reading a part of the struggle to transform lives and life – looking for ways to transmute the nasty slime of Capital into something else, something better, whatever it takes. If it takes book reviews too, then here we go. Culture Industry Reconsidered! Film reviews too people – high-brow elitist theory-heavy auto-reflexive hyper-critique inclusive, if you can’t really help it, though regular prose is as ever preferred.

Email the editor Macon Holt at cup01mh@gold.ac.uk or find me on Facebook.

Editor-ish John.Hutnyk [at] gold.ac.uk.

  1. Publishers may send books, dvds, games, illicit substances, new spy kit (Q), and New Cross related wikileaks exposures to:

    The New Cross Review of Books
    Centre for Cultural Studies
    Goldsmiths College
    New Cross NX
    SE14 6NW UK

    Our policy is to review all books we are sent that we think should be reviewed (see how I did that). We will try to be fair, we will, cos we care. We care enough to make all this effort to publish book reviews in New Cross, so that must be something.

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